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4.4 Configuration files

The actual configuration of the daemon is done in the file /etc/tinc/netname/tinc.conf and at least one other file in the directory /etc/tinc/netname/hosts/.

An optional directory /etc/tinc/netname/conf.d can be added from which any .conf file will be read.

These file consists of comments (lines started with a #) or assignments in the form of

Variable = Value.

The variable names are case insensitive, and any spaces, tabs, newlines and carriage returns are ignored. Note: it is not required that you put in the ‘=’ sign, but doing so improves readability. If you leave it out, remember to replace it with at least one space character.

The server configuration is complemented with host specific configuration (see the next section). Although all host configuration options for the local node listed in this document can also be put in /etc/tinc/netname/tinc.conf, it is recommended to put host specific configuration options in the host configuration file, as this makes it easy to exchange with other nodes.

In this section all valid variables are listed in alphabetical order. The default value is given between parentheses, other comments are between square brackets.