Make sure malloc() is declared.
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2002-09-04 Guus SliepenRun autopoint and libtoolize before creating initial...
2002-08-24 Guus SliepenGettext 1.11.5 compatibility.
2002-03-10 Guus SliepenSmall fixes to improve portability.
2002-03-10 Guus SliepenAutodetect $MAKE/gmake/make.
2001-10-09 Wessel Dankersmake is not always GNU make.
2001-02-11 Guus Sliepen- Updated CVS_CREATED to remove intl/ directory and...
2000-11-25 Guus Sliepen- Use only one socket for all UDP traffic (for compatib...
2000-11-23 Guus Sliepen- Don't link with -ldl anymore
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansCreate a ChangeLog file, automake requires it.
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansGenerate this from
2000-04-25 Ivo Timmermanss/Gnome/tinc/g
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansThe shell script can create all these remove...