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[tinc] / debian /
2000-11-24 Ivo TimmermansAdd default tinc-up and tinc-down scripts for a Debian...
2000-11-24 Ivo TimmermansCall instead of configure alone; and make...
2000-11-24 Ivo TimmermansSet CFLAGS to -O2 -Wall when running configure
2000-11-24 Ivo TimmermansSet localstatedir to /var
2000-11-09 Ivo TimmermansBop version number to 1.0pre3-1
2000-11-05 Ivo TimmermansBuild-Depends on gettext
2000-11-04 Ivo TimmermansBuild-depends on libtool
2000-11-04 Ivo TimmermansDo not include the passphrases directory
2000-11-02 Ivo TimmermansMinor cosmetic change.
2000-11-02 Ivo Timmermans- If necessary, patch po/ from po-Makefile...
2000-11-02 Ivo TimmermansOops, and include doc-base.tinc (new file).
2000-11-02 Ivo TimmermansDon't include shlibs, as it no longer exists.
2000-11-02 Ivo Timmermans- Synchronized changelog with the package's changelog.
2000-11-02 Ivo TimmermansThis file is no longer needed.
2000-10-31 Guus SliepenRemoved config file parsing and interface setup. This...
2000-10-19 Ivo TimmermansChanged changelog
2000-10-18 Ivo TimmermansGet the head revision up to date with cabal
2000-10-14 Ivo TimmermansUpdate Depends lines to reflect the dependencies on...
2000-08-22 Guus SliepenFix rules (thanks to Laurence)
2000-08-20 Ivo TimmermansAlso chomp $VPNMASK
2000-08-20 Ivo Timmermans(Quoting Laurence Lane:)
2000-06-25 Ivo TimmermansChanged version number to 1.0pre3.
2000-06-03 Ivo TimmermansDon't touch VPNMASK if it's defined, otherwise use...
2000-06-01 Guus SliepenDebian init.d script automatically sets tap device...
2000-05-31 Ivo TimmermansVersion 1.0pre2-1.
2000-05-31 Ivo TimmermansTell about /etc/tinc/nets.boot.
2000-05-21 Ivo TimmermansCreate an empty /etc/tinc/nets.boot.
2000-05-21 Ivo TimmermansUse /etc/tinc/example as a base directory for an exampl...
2000-05-21 Ivo TimmermansWhen VpnMask is not present in the config file, silentl...
2000-05-21 Guus SliepenFixed last typo. Init.d now uses ifconfig command to...
2000-05-21 Guus SliepenTypo.
2000-05-21 Guus SliepenVpnMask truely works now.
2000-05-19 Ivo TimmermansMask the vpn net with the vpn netmask, route would...
2000-05-19 Ivo TimmermansFixed typo.
2000-05-19 Ivo TimmermansErrors will not terminate the script or result in a...
2000-05-19 Ivo TimmermansInclude postinst in the distribution.
2000-05-19 Ivo TimmermansFind networks in instead of .
2000-05-18 Ivo TimmermansDon't distribute the file files.
2000-05-18 Ivo TimmermansVersion 1.0pre2-0.3
2000-05-18 Ivo TimmermansCreate a default /etc/tinc/nets.boot after installation...
2000-05-18 Ivo TimmermansRead /etc/tinc/nets.boot to find the networks that...
2000-05-17 Ivo TimmermansThis file is generated with dpkg-buildpackage.
2000-05-16 Ivo TimmermansUse the new VpnMask directive to add a route to the...
2000-05-16 Ivo TimmermansLook if the tap devices exist before bluntly remaking...
2000-05-16 Ivo Timmermans*** empty log message ***
2000-05-15 Ivo TimmermansDepend on perl5.
2000-05-15 Ivo TimmermansExit with zero status if is empty.
2000-05-15 Guus SliepenTest for existence of configured tinc networks. This...
2000-05-14 Ivo Timmermans.deb version number 1.0pre2-0.4.
2000-05-14 Ivo Timmermanstincd->tinc
2000-05-14 Ivo TimmermansMention both upstream authors.
2000-05-14 Ivo TimmermansAdd description, better dependancies.
2000-05-14 Ivo TimmermansAdd initscript, tincd->tinc.
2000-05-14 Ivo TimmermansInserted useful content.
2000-05-14 Ivo TimmermansAdd shlibs control file for the blowfish library.
2000-05-14 Ivo TimmermansVersion 1.0pre1-0.1.
2000-05-13 Ivo TimmermansPerl version of the system startup script.
2000-05-04 Ivo TimmermansCopied most of the code from the redhat script.
2000-04-27 Ivo TimmermansFilled in the details, license from libblowfish copied.
2000-04-26 Ivo TimmermansVersion to 1.0pre1;
2000-04-26 Ivo TimmermansOmit TODO.
2000-04-26 Ivo TimmermansThe make command is in /usr/bin.
2000-04-25 Ivo Timmermans*** empty log message ***
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansInitial CVS.