2000-05-04 Ivo TimmermansInclude stdio.h for fprintf.
2000-05-03 Ivo Timmermansgetopt_long() support for platforms that don't have it.
2000-05-03 Ivo TimmermansDon't use error.h or error(), put #error in front of...
2000-05-03 Guus SliepenSquashed gcc warning.
2000-05-03 Guus SliepenFixes typo and UDP network byte order.
2000-05-03 Guus SliepenOutgoing packets now use network byte order in header.
2000-05-03 Ivo TimmermansFix a typo, better handling of the info document. ...
2000-05-02 Guus SliepenReplaced sprintf() by safer snprintf(), removed possibl...
2000-05-02 Guus SliepenPrevious fix fixed. Meta protocol should be really...
2000-05-02 Guus SliepenFixed small mistake that would prevent forwarding requests.
2000-05-01 Ivo TimmermansMentioned new metaprotocol.
2000-05-01 Ivo TimmermansMore tincd->tinc updates.
2000-05-01 Ivo TimmermansFixed meta protocol.
2000-05-01 Ivo TimmermansCommitted by Mads Kiilerich.
2000-05-01 Ivo TimmermansUpdates by Mads Kiilerich.
2000-05-01 Guus SliepenMeta protocol overhaul. Tinc is now incompatible with...
2000-05-01 Ivo TimmermansCommitted by Lubom�r Bulej.
2000-04-30 Ivo TimmermansKey forwarding, write one byte extra.
2000-04-30 Ivo TimmermansProtocol fix (ANS_KEY). This breaks 0.3.3 protocol...
2000-04-30 Ivo TimmermansSend one less byte from an ANS_KEY request.
2000-04-30 Ivo TimmermansRead one less byte from an ANS_KEY request.
2000-04-30 Ivo TimmermansRemoved debug messages.
2000-04-30 Ivo TimmermansRead public keys the right way (tm).
2000-04-30 Ivo TimmermansNew way of handling the meta protocol.
2000-04-30 Ivo TimmermansReplaced check for status.active by status.dataopen...
2000-04-30 Ivo TimmermansInitially, the vpn_mask of a connection is 255.255...
2000-04-30 Ivo TimmermansGot rid of the nasty hacks... and replaced it by anothe...
2000-04-29 Ivo TimmermansFilled up the protocol structs with unused bytes.
2000-04-29 Ivo TimmermansAdded `deb' target.
2000-04-29 Ivo TimmermansMore updates wrt. the change from tincd->tinc.
2000-04-28 Guus SliepenOops! Reference to write_n() removed and changed into...
2000-04-27 Guus SliepenRemoved write_n() function.
2000-04-27 Ivo TimmermansDefault config file name is tinc.conf, and pidfile...
2000-04-27 Ivo TimmermansUpdated version number to 1.0.
2000-04-27 Ivo TimmermansFilled in the details, license from libblowfish copied.
2000-04-26 Ivo TimmermansVersion to 1.0pre1;
2000-04-26 Ivo TimmermansOmit TODO.
2000-04-26 Ivo TimmermansAdd an entry to dir.
2000-04-26 Ivo TimmermansThe make command is in /usr/bin.
2000-04-26 Guus SliepenCleanups:
2000-04-26 Ivo TimmermansFrom Mads Kiilerich.
2000-04-25 Guus SliepenConverted every &variable[0] to variable.
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansDebug level tweaking.
2000-04-25 Guus SliepenWhen trying to talk to a host that is in the netmask...
2000-04-25 Ivo Timmermans*** empty log message ***
2000-04-25 Guus SliepenFixed typo and removed some unnecessary variables.
2000-04-25 Guus SliepenPacket queues fixed. They caused the trouble when resen...
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansCreate a ChangeLog file, automake requires it.
2000-04-25 Ivo Timmermans*** empty log message ***
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansInitial CVS.
2000-04-25 Guus SliepenAdded checkpoints to beginning and ending of every...
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansRemove ChangeLog with a `make cvs-clean'.
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansDon't include TODO in the dist.
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansPropagate CFLAGS from configure to gcc.
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansDelete all the files that are created by autogen.sh...
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansSpelling fixes.
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansContributed by Mads Kiilerich.
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansGenerate this Makefile.am from Makefile.am.in.
2000-04-25 Ivo Timmermans*** empty log message ***
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansAdded Mads Kiilerich, removed Guus Sliepen.
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansChanges largely from Mads Kiilerich.
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansRemove test for GNOME.
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansUse `make ChangeLog' to create this file from the CVS...
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansDon't define HAVE_NAMESPACES and HAVE_STL.
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansRemove check for bigendianness.
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansThis file is obsolete, most of the ideas are already...
2000-04-25 Ivo Timmermanss/Gnome/tinc/g
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansThe shell script autogen.sh can create all these remove...
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansDon't try to create cipher/idea/Makefile.
2000-04-24 Ivo TimmermansDon't include idea/idea.h.
2000-04-24 Ivo TimmermansDon't compile in `idea'.
2000-04-24 Ivo TimmermansThese files are not needed in release 1.0.
2000-04-24 Guus SliepenBug found! Wrong pointer was used for handling multiple...
2000-04-24 Guus SliepenAdded extra checks for desynchronized connection lists...
2000-04-20 Ivo TimmermansAdded cvs-clean.
2000-04-20 Ivo TimmermansKeep make dist(dir) happy.
2000-04-18 Ivo TimmermansA short notice from Mads Kiilerich.
2000-04-18 Ivo TimmermansSubmitted changes by Mads Kiilerich.
2000-04-18 Ivo TimmermansInclude genauth.8 in the distribution.
2000-04-18 Ivo TimmermansInclude the directory redhat in the build process.
2000-04-18 Ivo TimmermansAddress for bugreports changed to tinc@nl.linux.org.
2000-04-18 Ivo TimmermansUpdated manpages.
2000-04-18 Ivo TimmermansNew manpage for genauth.
2000-04-18 Ivo TimmermansSubmitted by Mads Kiilerich.
2000-04-17 Ivo TimmermansDefault passphrase length of 1024, added -h/--help...
2000-04-17 Ivo TimmermansCheck if stdout is a terminal, if so, print a verbose...
2000-04-17 Ivo TimmermansCheck for an illegal length of passphrase in read_passp...
2000-04-17 Ivo TimmermansPass the requested size from xmalloc() and xrealloc...
2000-04-17 Ivo TimmermansOnly one round of reading bits out of urandom;
2000-04-12 Ivo TimmermansMoved to version number 1.0.
2000-04-06 Ivo TimmermansNew option -D, don't detach.
2000-03-28 Ivo TimmermansIgnore SIGCHLD.
2000-03-28 Ivo TimmermansKill the parent after any error conditions in detach().
2000-03-27 Ivo TimmermansUpon regeneration, free the old encryption key `securel...
2000-03-27 Ivo TimmermansGet rid of the message `zxnrbl\'.
2000-03-26 Ivo TimmermansInitial revision