Contacting the authors

Mailing lists

If you have a question about tinc, or would like some help in configuring tinc or your networking setup, you should write to the tinc mailing lists, preferably not to the authors in private. You will get a response faster this way.

By mail

If you wish to contact us in private you can do so via the following addresses. Note that we use GnuPG, our emails are (almost) always signed. This will also allow you to send us encrypted emails.


There is a channel on the OFTC and Libera.Chat IRC networks. Connect to or, make sure you have registered your nick (/msg nickserv help register) and join the channel #tinc. We are logged in most of the time, but may not be active. If you run your IRC client in screen just like us, just ask your question and wait. If you cannot stay on IRC and really want to ask a question, please do so via email, see above. A history of the channel is available on request.

Reporting security issues

In case you have found a security issue in tinc, please report it via email to Guus Sliepen, preferrably PGP encrypted. We will then try to get a CVE number assigned, and coordinate a bugfix release with major Linux distributions.