Most of the documentation you can find here is in the tinc packages as well. If you have any questions you cannot find answered here, please try the list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have a problem or comments you can send them to the mailing list or you can contact the authors.

Note: documentation is always behind. If you think you miss something, you spotted an error or you notice that the program does something else than the documentation says, please tell us!

Tinc 1.0 documentation

The main source of information is the manual. This text describes how to set up a VPN using tinc. It also contains a chapter with more technical details, which you may want to read, as well as the ideas behind tinc. This manual is currently up to date with version 1.0.36.

Tinc 1.1 documentation

The documentation for the prerelease versions of tinc 1.1 is also available:


After reading the manual, you can look at further examples of configuration files and scripts for various setups. There is also an example of installing tinc on Windows.

Other material