Contribute to tinc

Have you used tinc? Do you like it? Is there something missing? There are various ways you can help to make tinc even better:

  • Report bugs. Don’t hesitate to send in a bug report. If we don’t know about a bug, we cannot fix it. It is also fine to report a bug that has already been reported, that way we can determine how many people are affected by it.

  • Improve and/or translate the documentation. Is there anything missing in the documentation? Do you think some parts are hard to understand and could be written better? Feel free to send improvements for the documentation. The documentation comes in several forms:

    • Manpages, these are reference manuals for the binaries and configuration files.
    • The manual, which contains also contains introductions and explainations about how tinc works and how you can set it up.
    • The examples on the wiki, which describe how to set up tinc in various scenatios.
  • Test development versions of tinc. Tinc is continuously being improved. There are two branches of development; the stable branch (version 1.0.x), and the 1.1 branch. The code for these versions can be found in the repository.

  • Port and maintain tinc on your favorite OS/device. There are many software and hardware platforms that tinc will run on. However, the main developers cannot test tinc on all of them. We can use people who test new versions of tinc on their favorite operating system, distribution or hardware device, and report or fix any problems they encounter. Furthermore, if your OS distribution does not come with a native package for tinc, you are welcome to create and maintain such a package. In particular, we are looking for maintainers for:

    • Windows
    • OpenBSD
    • Apple iOS
  • Help writing code. If you know C and would like to help improve tinc, let us know. There will always be something to work on. You can send patches in any way you like, either directly via email, or you can clone the Git repository and send us a pull request. Please keep your code in the same style as existing code, which is mostly following the Linux kernel coding style (indent using real TAB characters).

  • Donate. Monetary contributions are also welcome. Use the Paypal link in the sidebar to donate. Your contribution will be used to cover the costs of the domain names, backup infrastructure, and possibly to buy hardware to port tinc to.