January 15th 2017

Version 1.0.31 released.

  • Remove ExecStop in tinc@.service.

Thanks to Élie Bouttier for his contribution to this version of tinc.

October 30th 2016

Version 1.0.30 released.

  • Fix problems connecting to some HTTP proxies.
  • Add mitigations for the Sweet32 attack when using a 64-bit block cipher.
  • Use AES256 and SHA256 as the default encryption and digest algorithms.

October 9th 2016

Version 1.0.29 released.

  • Fix UDP communication with peers with link-local IPv6 addresses.
  • Ensure compatibility with OpenSSL 1.1.0.
  • Ensure autoreconf can be run without requiring autoconf-archive.
  • Log warnings about dropped packets only at debug level 5.

May 1st 2016

Version 1.1pre14 released.

  • Add tinc.service back.

April 30th 2016

Version 1.1pre13 released.

  • Fix BSD tun device support that was broken in 1.1pre12.
  • Speed up AutoConnect when there are many host config files present without an Address.

April 24th 2016

Version 1.1pre12 released.

  • Added a “—syslog” option to force logging to syslog even if running in the foreground.
  • Fixes and improvements to the DecrementTTL function.
  • Improved PMTU discovery and UDP keepalive probes.
  • More efficient relaying of UDP packets through intermediate nodes.
  • Improved compatibility with newer TAP-Win32 drivers.
  • Added support for UPnP.
  • Allow tinc to be compiled without LibreSSL or OpenSSL (this drops compatibility with nodes running 1.0.x).
  • Added a “fsck” command to check the configuration files for problems.
  • Tinc “start” now checks whether the daemon really started succesfully, and displays error messages otherwise.
  • Added systemd service files.
  • Use the recvmmsg() function if available.
  • Support ToS/Diffserv on IPv6 connections.
  • Updated support for BSD tun/tap devices.
  • Added support for OS X utun interfaces.
  • Dropped support for Windows 2000.
  • Initial support for generating a tinc-up script from an invitation.
  • Many small fixes, documentation updates.

Thanks to Etienne Dechamps, Rafał Leśniak, Vittorio Gambaletta, Martin Weinelt, Sven-Haegar Koch, Florian Klink, LunnarShadow, Dato Simó, Jo-Philipp Wich, Jochen Voss, Nathan Stratton Treadway, Pierre Emeriaud, xentec, Samuel Thibault and Michael Tokarev for their contributions to this version of tinc.

April 10th 2016

Version 1.0.28 released.

  • Fix compilation on BSD platforms.
  • Add systemd service files.

April 10th 2016

Version 1.0.27 released.

  • When using Proxy, let the proxy resolve hostnames if tinc can’t.
  • Fixes and improvements of the DecrementTTL option.
  • Fixed the $NAME variable in subnet-up/down scripts for the local Subnets.
  • Fixed potentially wrong checksum generation when clamping the MSS.
  • Properly choose between the system’s or our own copy of getopt.
  • Fixed compiling tinc for Cygwin with MinGW installed.
  • Added support for OS X utun interfaces.
  • Documentation updates and minor fixes.

Thanks to Vittorio Gambaletta, LunarShaddow, Florian Weik and Nathan Stratton Treadway for their contributions to this version of tinc.

December 22nd 2015

At SCALE 14x, which is held in Pasedana, California on January 21-24, there will be a talk titled Secure Mesh VPN w/ Service Discovery.

November 16th 2015

At FOSSETCON 2015, which is held in Orland, Florida on November 19-21, there will be a talk titled Secure peer networking with tinc.

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