Supported platforms

We have confirmed that tinc works on the following platforms and we will make sure it will work on these in the future as well:

OS Architecture Remarks
Linux all
FreeBSD all
Solaris sparc32
OpenBSD all
NetBSD all
DragonFlyBSD all
Darwin (MacOS/X) powerpc, i386, x86_64 See the tinc manual for requirements.
Windows (Cygwin) i386, x86_64 with tap64 driver Runs in a Cygwin environment.
Windows (MinGW) i386, x86_64 with tap64 driver Runs natively under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

Since tinc doesn’t require a lot of memory, it will also run on embedded devices such as ADSL routers, wireless access points and NAS devices if they support one of the operating systems mentioned above.

We are in the process porting tinc to the following architectures. On some it may already work, on others it will not. You can check in which stage we are in the table.

OS Architecture Compiles Runs Really works Remarks
iOS arm yes yes yes Cydia packages are available here.
Android arm yes yes yes Use or from Google’s app store.

On other platform tinc will likely not compile at all. If you do want to report a successful compile or if you have succeeded in actually running tinc on an unsupported platform, please tell us.