Version 1.0.24 released.

  • Various compiler hardening flags are enabled by default.
  • Updated support for Solaris, allowing switch mode on Solaris 11.
  • Configuration will now also be read from a conf.d directory.
  • Various updates to the documentation.
  • Tinc now forces glibc to reload /etc/resolv.conf after it receives SIGALRM.
  • Fixed a potential routing loop when IndirectData or TCPOnly is used and broadcast packets are being sent.
  • Improved security with constant time memcmp and stricter use of OpenSSL’s RNG functions.
  • Fixed all issues found by Coverity.

Thanks to Florent Clairambault, Vilbrekin, luckyhacky, Armin Fisslthaler, Loïc Dachary and Steffan Karger for their contributions to this version of tinc.