Version 1.0pre2.

  • This version has been internationalised and a Dutch translation has been included.
  • Two configuration variables have been added:
    • VpnMask - the IP network mask for the entire VPN, not just our subnet (as given by MyVirtualIP). The Redhat and Debian packages use this variable in their system startup scripts, but it is ignored by tinc.
    • Hostnames - if set to yes', look up the names of IP addresses trying to connect to us. Default set tono’, to prevent lockups during lookups.
  • The system startup scripts for Debian and Redhat use /etc/tinc/nets.boot to find out which networks need to be started during system boot.
  • Fixes to prevent denial of service attacks by sending random data after connecting (and even when the connection has been established), either random garbage or just nonsensical protocol fields.
  • tinc will retry to connect upon startup, does not quit if it doesn’t work the first time.
  • Hosts that are disconnected implicitly if we lose a connection get deleted from the internal list, to prevent hogging each other with add and delete requests when the connection is restored.