Version 1.1pre1 released.

  • Control interface allows control of a running tinc daemon. Used by:
    • tincctl, a commandline utility
    • tinc-gui, a preliminary GUI implemented in Python/wxWidgets
  • Code cleanups and reorganization.
  • Repleacable cryptography backend, currently supports OpenSSL and libgcrypt.
  • Use libevent to handle I/O events and timeouts.
  • Use splay trees instead of AVL trees to manage internal datastructures.

This is the first pre-release of the 1.1 branch of tinc. Tinc 1.1 is protocol compatible with 1.0.x, but will have large architectural changes and new features. Tinc 1.0.x will still be maintained. Please try out this new version, and let us know what you think of, and report any bugs you find.