Version 1.1pre10 released.

  • Added a benchmark tool (sptps_speed) for the new protocol.
  • Fixed a crash when using Name = $HOST while $HOST is not set.
  • Use AES-256-GCM for the new protocol.
  • Updated support for Solaris.
  • Allow running tincd without a private ECDSA key present when ExperimentalProtocol is not explicitly set.
  • Enable various compiler hardening flags by default.
  • Added support for a “conf.d” configuration directory.
  • Fix tinc-gui on Windows, also allowing it to connect to a 32-bits tincd when tinc-gui is run in a 64-bits Python environment.
  • Added a “ListenAddress” option, which like BindToAddress adds more listening address/ports, but doesn’t bind to them for outgoing sockets.
  • Make invitations work better when the “invite” and “join” commands are not run interactively.
  • When creating meta-connections to a node for which no Address statement is specified, try to use addresses learned from other nodes.

Thanks to Dennis Joachimsthaler and Florent Clairambault for their contribution to this version of tinc.