Version 1.1pre11 released.

  • Added a “network” command to list or switch networks.
  • Switched to Ed25519 keys and the ChaCha-Poly1305 cipher for the new protocol.
  • AutoConnect is now a boolean option, when enabled tinc always tries to keep at least three meta-connections open.
  • The new protocol now uses UDP much more often.
  • Tinc “del” and “get” commands now return a non-zero exit code when they don’t find the requested variable.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Added a “DeviceStandby” option to defer running tinc-up until a working connection is made, and which on Windows will also change the network interface link status accordingly.
  • Tinc now tells the resolver to reload /etc/resolv.conf when it receives SIGALRM.
  • Improved error messages and event loop handling on Windows.
  • LocalDiscovery now uses local address learned from other nodes, and is enabled by default.
  • Added a “BroadcastSubnet” option to change the behavior of broadcast packets in router mode.
  • Added support for dotted quad notation in IPv6 (e.g. ::
  • Improved format of printed Subnets, MAC and IPv6 addresses.
  • Added a ”—batch” option to force the tinc CLI to run in non-interactive mode.
  • Improve default Device selection on *BSD and Mac OS X.
  • Allow running tinc without RSA keys.

Thanks to Etienne Dechamps, Sven-Haegar Koch, William A. Kennington III, Baptiste Jonglez, Alexis Hildebrandt, Armin Fisslthaler, Franz Pletz, Alexander Ried and Saverio Proto for their contributions to this version of tinc.