Version 1.1pre15 released.

  • Detect when the machine is resuming from suspension or hibernation.
  • When an old PID file is found, check whether the old daemon is still alive.
  • Remember scope_id for IPv6 addresses when sending UDP packets to link-local addresses.
  • Ensure compatibility with OpenSSL 1.1.
  • Only log about dropped packets with debug level 5.
  • Warn when trying to generate RSA keys less than 2048 bits.
  • Use AES256 and SHA256 as the default encryption and digest algorithms.
  • Add DeviceType = fd to support tinc on Android without requiring root.
  • Support PriorityInheritance for IPv6 packets.
  • Fixes for Solaris tun/tap support.
  • Add a configurable expiration time for invitations.
  • Store invitation data after a succesful join.
  • Exit gracefully when the tun/tap device is in a bad state.
  • Add the LogLevel option.
  • AutoConnect now actively tries to heal split networks.

Thanks to Etienne Dechamps, Rafał Leśniak, Sean McVeigh, Vittorio Gambaletta, Dennis Lan, Pacien Tran-Girard, Roman Savelyev, lemoer and volth for their contributions to this version of tinc.