Version 1.1pre16 released.

  • Fixed building with support for UML sockets.
  • Documentation updates and spelling fixes.
  • Support for MSS clamping of IP-in-IP packets.
  • Fixed parsing of the -b flag.
  • Added the ability to set a firemall mark on sockets on Linux.
  • Minor improvements to the build system.
  • Added a cache of recently seen addresses of peers.
  • Add support for —runstatedir to the configure script.
  • Fixed linking with libncurses on some distributions.
  • Automatically disable PMTUDiscovery when TCPOnly is enabled.
  • Fixed removing the tinc service on Windows in some situations.

Thanks to Todd C. Miller, Etienne Dechamps, Daniel Lublin, Gjergji Ramku, Mike Sullivan and Oliver Freyermuth for their contributions to this version of tinc.