Version 1.1pre9 released.

  • The UNIX socket is now created before tinc-up is called.
  • Windows users can now use any extension that is in %PATHEXT% for scripts, not only .bat.
  • Outgoing sockets are bound to the address of the listening sockets again, when there is no ambiguity.
  • Added invitation-created and invitation-accepted scripts.
  • Invited nodes now learn of the Mode and Broadcast settings of the VPN.
  • Joining a VPN with an invitation now also works on Windows.
  • The port number tincd is listening on is now always included in the invitation URL.
  • A running tincd is now correctly informed when a new invitation has been generated.
  • Several bug fixes for the new protocol.
  • Added a test suite.

Thanks to Etienne Dechamps for his contribution to this version of tinc.