Recent changes to this wiki:

Releasing 1.1pre18.
Replace link to Dag Wieers’ package with a link to Fedora.
Thanks to Felix Schwarz for pointing this out.
Add Libera.Chat as an alternative IRC server.
Remove FreeNode.
Fix link to Gentoo package.
Thanks to Manfred Knick.
Fix typo.
Add a news article about CVE-2019-14899.
Add a news item about the LINUX Unplugged podcast.
Add a link to the LINUX Unplugged podcast 329.
Releasing 1.0.36.
Update the Homebrew link, remove MacPorts.
MacPorts has old versions of tinc with dependencies that fail to
install correctly on recent versions of macOS.
Toggle doesn’t work, just refer to the security page.
Releasing 1.0.35 and 1.1pre17.
Update NixOS link to only show actual tinc packages.
Add a link to NixOS.
Releasing 1.1pre16.
Releasing 1.0.34.
Releasing 1.0.34.
Add a link to the GitLab clone of the official tinc repository.
Add a link to WireGuard.
Add a link to the Solus distribution.
Add missing ConnectTo in the proxy-ARP example.
Update VPN links.
- Added BadVPN
- SocialVPN is now IPOP
- Migrate some links to https
Add link to SlackBuilds.
Thanks to Kevin Scr for providing the package.